CACT is National Audubon Society's designation for the Cheep Thrills Christmas Bird Count. It stands for "California Cheep Thrills."

2021 Cheep Thrills count - Thursday, December 16
Contact the compilers if you'd like to participate. 

Covid19 Safety Protocols
Following National Audubon's Covid-19 Guidelines for all Christmas Bird Counts, we intend to conduct a safe and socially distanced CBC. Carpooling may only occur within existing familiar or social "pod" groups and masking is required if social distancing is not possible while in the field. We will ask all volunteers to follow state and county mandatory mask and distancing rules

We will not be holding a compilation dinner this year. 

Forms for Area Leaders


Cheep Thrills Results from Previous Years

The 2020 count happened on Thursday, December 17. Our species count was 155 and we observed a total of 78,981 individual birds. 2020 Results by Area, in Excel format.

Results for individual years from 2011 through 2019 and historical data from the original Cheap Thrills count (1978 through 1987)

Compilation dinner - cancelled

We will not be holding a compilation dinner in 2021.